Vegetable love

Does the produce aisle look a little thin these days? Annie Main, co-owner of Good Humus Farm in Capay, shares her favorite ways to prepare three often-overlooked seasonal greens.

1. Cabbage
“I had a farmers’-market customer who was a World War II prisoner of war, and he said that all they served was cabbage broth. He believes that’s what kept him alive. I love to just steam cabbage and add mustard, and sausage if you want.”

2. Hearty salad greens
“We add walnuts, blue cheese and apples to escarole, endive and radicchio, with a yummy sweet-raspberry dressing.”

3. Kale
“I browned bacon and onions, added oyster mushrooms and kale and cooked until tender. I didn’t think my 16-year-old daughter would eat it, but she went back for three helpings.”