Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Rated 2.0

If you have to ask where the hell Larry the Cable Guy came from, you might be out of touch. Blue collar, red neck, white trash—why, he’s positively all-Amurcan! And now, no doubt thanks to an agent who seconds Larry’s “Git R Done!” attitude, he’s in a movie that’s about as disposable as a bottle of dip spit. As a health inspector in an unnamed Southern city, hired presumably for his affinity with all things nauseating, Larry (Dan Whitney) investigates a series of suspicious food poisonings in the weeks prior to a televised Iron Chef-esque cookoff. He also grossly but slyly conveys what lessons the uptight may learn from bighearted, easy-goin’ good ol’ boys. Director Trent Cooper seems entirely captive to the shtick—which, to the comedian’s credit, is sometimes well-realized. But, like the noisy flatulence with which it’s preoccupied, Larry’s routine becomes considerably more embarrassing the longer it continues.