Rated 3.0

Sam Rockwell has appeared in about a dozen features since 2009's Moon, which was not a great film but probably remains his most iconic screen role. While I have not seen all of his post-Moon films, I am certain that Rockwell's performance was the best part of every single one. Being the best part of pleasantly forgettable films has become an unfortunate cottage industry for the diversely talented Rockwell, and after last year's pleasantly forgettable The Way, Way Back, he is once again the best thing about Lynn Shelton's pleasantly forgettable Laggies. Keira Knightley plays a disaffected, overgrown adolescent who hides out with a sympathetic teenager (Chloe Grace Moretz) in order to avoid dealing with her boyfriend's marriage proposal. As the girl's father, Rockwell casually and dismissively steals scenes, almost as though the film's attitude of wistful insouciance is utterly beneath him. It is, of course.