Blood Ransom

Rated 1.0

A young woman on the verge of becoming a vampire (Anne Curtis) gets kidnapped and is rescued by her driver (Alexander Dreymon); the two go on the lam, pursued by a hit man (Jamie Harris) and falling in love while she fights the urge to drink her rescuer's blood. Or something. Written and directed by Francis dela Torre, and produced in West Covina, Calif. on a budget of approximately nothing, the movie is amateurish and clumsy. Dela Torre tells most of his incoherent story through the fake-tough voice-over narration by the hero's cop buddy (Dion Basco). The rest is primitive dialogue with gaping pauses after every line, punctuated by frequent geysers of stage blood. Things are so cheap they didn't even spring for uniforms for the so-called cops; everybody seems to be wearing their street clothes.