Kung Pow!

Rated 1.0 Writer/director/star Steve Oedekerk takes a cheesy Hong Kong martial arts movie (Righteous Fist of the Recalcitrant Turtle of Doom or something like that, not that it matters) and dubs a new soundtrack onto it while digitally inserting himself into the action. The idea’s possibilities were exhausted by Woody Allen 35 years ago in What’s Up, Tiger Lily?. But Allen is funny and Oedekerk isn’t; he doesn’t even know what is funny. Jokes—all of them—fall flat not because they’re stale but because they’re just no damned good: a woman with one cyclops breast, names like Wimp Lo and Moon Yu. Did no one on the set have a sense of humor, or did they not have the nerve to speak up? Maybe Oederkerk is more imposing in person than he is on screen. Who cares? The film is worthless garbage.