Ageless Venomous espouses all of the essential metal topics—ceremonial killings, desecration of the living and dead, suffocation. Bassist/vocalist Alex Camargo can deliver live, as evidenced on this Brazilian band’s last tour with Nile and Cannibal Corpse, and in the studio. Their sound is not unlike fellow Brazilian band Rebaelliun, Centurian and Deicide. The title track, replete with Max Kolesne’s triggered 32nd double-bass notes, showcases the musicianship of this trio. Unlike most death/speed-metal acts, Krisiun is not afraid to risk its credibility by drifting outside its genre. There’s even a classical guitar interlude by Moyses Kolesne, “Diableros,” that would give John Williams and Andres Segovia a run for the money. Krisiun is to death metal what Slayer is to thrash metal. Like a lesson in flagellation, this band will make you succumb to the pain—and you will enjoy the consequences.