Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!

Apparently, the folks aren’t the only ones rattled by the Wagnerian sturm und drang coming out of Washington these days. A number of other artists have gotten into the act, and this site collates some of their stirring images. Some of them are fascist parodies—“You’ll Vote As You’re Told! There’s a ‘War’ On! Only a Traitor Changes Boats Mid-stream,” “You Write What You’re Told! Thanks, Corporate News! We Couldn’t Control the People Without You.” Others are more straightforward and less tongue-in-cheek—“Support Terrorism: Keep Buying Saudi Oil,” “The More Gas Your SUV Uses, the More Foreigners I Have to Kill! Now Do You Get It?” There’s some beautiful work here. The images are for sale through the site and will collected in a book to be published in April. Whether you’re a propaganda fan or are alarmed whenever you pick up a newspaper, this site should give you joy.