See them live! Old Ironsides; 9 p.m. Saturday, February 4; $3.

The dub staccato-breakbeat syncopation on the outro of “Banana Peel” from Kid606’s most recent LP is—short of toasting—a fantastic anomaly; what happened to Miguel Depedro, an artist known more for dissonant industrial-hardcore intelligent dance music than for reggae-inspired rhythms? Not that we’re complaining: Resilience has crackin’ dance tracks, experimental ambient goodness and certain appeal for even the most discerning electronica aficionados. Dedicated to his mom and recorded in various locales throughout the Western world, Kid’s accessible yet progressive beats will cut up your local DJ hall. It’s the album Kid “always wanted to make.” We thank him, and his San Francisco-based label, Tigerbeat6, for it.