Keeping up with the Jones

S.R. Jones; detail from “Cowgirl

S.R. Jones; detail from “Cowgirl"; photography, oil and graphite on wood panel; 2003.

Disclosure: I’ve known Steve Jones for something like 25 years, since we worked in neighboring establishments in Citrus Heights. Back then, his art was more abstract. Today, he goes by S.R. Jones, and he works as a designer of business environments. While Jones was researching a job for a client that involved examining a number of Moorish and Byzantine motifs, after visiting Greece and Turkey, he was moved to put them into play in some new art pieces, which combine photography, painting, drawing and the use of found elements. Narrative Landscapes is the result; the show can be viewed this month at Jayjay (second disclosure: a gallery co-owned by Jones’ wife, Beth), 5520 Elvas Avenue in East Sacramento. Also showing is Murmur, by Davis painter Stacey Vetter. A Second Saturday reception will be held on September 13 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.