Jolt in the box

Shrimp box, Nubo & mOO mOo

Illustration by TK

I walked into Nubo & mOO mOo as a hungover zombie and left feeling like a healthy human. Yes, the name is capitalized so haphazardly that it’s difficult to read. And yes, there are sinisterly adorable cows covering its doors, menus and cups. But at this newly opened second location, the shrimp box ($10.99) restores a haggard spirit. Warm butterflied shrimp are delicately browned. Lettuce and cilantro glow with freshness. Cold slivers of cucumbers and carrots add crunch. Take your pick of vermicelli noodles or rice; house-made soy or vinaigrette—a citrus-forward fish sauce, minus the funk. The subtle flavors will make you feel a bit less undead. 8250 Calvine Road,