Johnny English Strikes Again

Rated 4.0

When a series of mysterious cyber-attacks all but cripples Great Britain and exposes all the agents of British Intelligence, MI7 has no choice but to recall the inept Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) from his forced retirement to get to the bottom of things. In reviewing Atkinson’s first two Johnny English movies, I said that such James Bond spoofs were an exhausted genre and had worn out their welcome. Now I have to take it back; here’s an inspired bullseye. Maybe it’s the new director (David Kerr), or the fact that this time writer William Davies is working without collaborators, but the movie is hilarious from beginning to end. Atkinson is at the top of his game, wonderfully supported by Ben Miller (as his dogged sidekick), Olga Kurylenko (a Russian spy) and Emma Thompson (the harried Prime Minister).