Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Rated 2.0 In this computer-animated feature-length toy commercial from Nickelodeon Films, a brilliant kid and his classmates wake up one day to find that all of their parents have been kidnapped by aliens who look like bowls of green snot with eyes. There’s nothing to say about this film that won’t make it sound either better or worse than it really is. The truth is, it’s trivial, inconsequential and completely inoffensive—the perfect baby-sitter for undemanding parents who think their kids don’t get enough vapid, mindless pap on television. Children up to age 4 will be diverted, while those from 5 to 10 will secretly pull out their Game Boys. Anyone over 11 will be bored to tears. Voices include Debi Derryberry, Candi Milo, Rob Paulsen, Andrea Martin, Patrick Stewart and Martin Short.