How High

Rated 1.0 Rappers Method Man and Redman drag Cheech and Chong weed comedy into the 21st century in a mind-numbing haze of smoke, fantasy and profanity. As Silas and Jamal, respectively, these two blunt buddies turn Harvard into Party Central after their friend Ivory (Chuck Davis) inadvertently sets himself on fire and returns from the hereafter to ace their university entrance exams. The film is a loud, poorly edited and mostly unfunny stream of low-grade drug, sex and racial humor with Spalding Gray making a manic appearance as a black studies professor (“Lynch me! Lynch me!” he badgers his students) and Obba Babatunde playing a starchy dean who punctuates the film’s theme that potent herb will liberate one’s mind when he ingests some marijuana brownies. Directed by Jesse Dylan (son of folk-rock icon Bob).