Jaws: With pre-movie talk and book signing by Joe Alves and Dennis Price

Thursday, January 9, 7:30pm, Crest Theatre, $10-$40



Thursday, 1/9

Jaws: talk and book signing

Crest Theatre, 7:30pm, $10-$40

If it weren’t for the shark, Jaws would be one heck of a boring movie. The opening scene would just show some girl swim out into the ocean and then swim right back in. What kind of summer blockbuster would that be? Thankfully for Steven Spielberg, Joe Alves was on set to save the day, designing the shark that ravaged one poor beach town in 1975. Now, 45 years later, you can meet the man behind the shark at Crest Theatre as well as the man behind the book about the man behind the shark, Dennis Price. 1013 K St., crestsacramento.com.