Jack and Jill

Rated 1.0

A Hollywood producer of TV commercials (Adam Sandler) endures an extended annual visit from his obnoxious, overbearing and stupid twin sister (Sandler again). Of all this movie’s dozens of bad ideas, the two at the bottom of the barrel (“worst among equals”?) are surely: 1. giving two roles to Sandler, and 2. having him play one of them in drag. The lame and labored gags come like dropped eggs hitting a sidewalk—thud! thud! thud!—with never so much as a smile to relieve the dreariness. Also failing to provide relief is a steady parade of oh-what-the-hell-why-not guest stars: Al Pacino, Regis Philbin, Drew Carey, Shaquille O’Neal, John McEnroe (playing themselves), David Spade (like Sandler, in drag), Norm McDonald (looking Botoxed), etc. Dennis Dugan, as usual, directs with graceless boorishness.