It’s kind of a funny story

February 27, Bad Comedy for Bad People

Photo by Joe Haunter

When local comic Keith Lowell Jensen first started doing open-mics, he got really good responses—which, perhaps not surprisingly, is not a normal thing for new comics. His confidence was so high that when he got his first actual booking, he decided to try his hand at storytelling comedy. He did a single 10-minute anecdote for his entire set. That didn’t go over so well.

Jensen backed off the storytelling approach for a while. Since then, he’s slowly inched his way back to the format. In fact, on his first comedy special, To The Moon, released on Apprehensive Films in 2009, he closed with that original 10-minute story, but this time killed it.

Now working on his fifth special, stories make up a majority of Jensen’s act. Bad Comedy For Bad People will be taped this Saturday, February 27, at the Harris Center for the Arts. Expect a couple of stories about Jensen’s daughter Max. That’s good news for anyone who follows the Twitter account he made for her, @MaxTheTiger, where he posts weird things she says.

There’s also a story about the time he and his wife had to give their nephew the sex talk, plus one that recounts the time he was the token able-bodied person on the Comedians With Disabilities tour.

This is his first special in two years, since Atheist Christmas, which got picked up by Hulu. $20; 8 p.m. Saturday, February 27, at Harris Center for the Arts, 10 College Parkway in Folsom;