It’s Dead, Jim

Sactown’s own Warp 11 are the bad boys at the Trekkie convention. They show up stoned, drink all the Romulan ale, pick fights at the merch table and don’t even have the decency to curse in Klingon. Their newest offering, It’s Dead, Jim, has the hell-bent fervor for vice that only a nerd trying way too hard to be wicked could muster. The band adopts various rock subgenres from song to song, usually dated from the late ’90s: alterna-rock, alterna-metal, etc. Lyrics resemble Trek-based slash fiction, with innuendos involving phasers and tractor beams, but without the Kirk-Spock homoeroticism. “Jerk my Kirk” celebrates self-pleasure, and other songs are anthems of male horniness. The “high” point must be the pop-punk “Tribbles and Ecstasy,” exploring the science fact of mind-altering chemistry.