The Lyons

SN&R reviews the Resurrection Theatre Company’s production of The Lyons

The Lyons is a sly, clever and very dark comedy that explores the explosive dynamics of family faced with the finality of the patriarch's death. Gathered around a hospital bed, the Lyons—dying father, nonplussed mother, a daughter and an issue-laden son—finally spill out secrets and pent-up resentments with not a filter in place. The play is the first of Resurrection Theater's 2015 season, and showcases the theater's continued fearlessness in dramatic choices. Director Kellie Yvonne Raines makes sure the talented cast stays true to play's darkness and truth. F 8pm, Sa 8pm. Through 3/21. $15-$20. Resurrection Theatre, at the Wilkerson Theater, 1723 25th St.; (916) 223-9568; P.R.