The Hound of Baskervilles

Rated 5.0

Playwrights R. Hamilton Wright and David Pichette have adapted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most popular tale, keeping the basic mystery intact while pumping up the chemistry and humor between Holmes and Watson and adding some plot and character twists along the way. Under the careful directing of Michael Laun, William Elsman (Sherlock) and Michael RJ Campbell (Dr. Watson) play off each other perfectly, and the rest of the cast members are equally entertaining. The production also benefits from an imaginative set, colorful costumes and captivating lighting and sound elements. Th 6:30pm, F 8pm, Sa 2pm and 8pm, Su 2pm. W 6:30pm. Through 5/15. Sacramento Theatre Company, 1419 H Street; (916) 443-6722; P.R.