The Family of Mann

Rated 3.0

The Family of Mann is one of Theresa Rebeck's early plays from 1994. The central character (Belinda) has quit her job as an English professor to write TV scripts in Los Angeles. This staging by the Actor's Theatre of Sacramento fits the company's pattern. Director Mark Heckman's clearly thought through the script, and some of the acting is pretty good. Jeff Machado, a former morning-radio host, does well sketching in the egotistical, manipulative producer Ed; acting by some supporting cast members is closer to “fair.” The multiple short scenes make for much furniture moving in the dark. Production values are basic and low-budget, fitting with the company's priority. F, Sa 8pm; Su 2pm. Through 5/4. $15-$17. Wilkerson Theatre in the R25 Arts Complex, 1723 15th St.; (916) 501-6104;