Into the Blue

Rated 2.0

A group of snorkelers in the Bahamas (Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott) stumbles across a 19th-century shipwreck on the ocean floor—and, nearby, the wreckage of a drug-running plane with 300 sealed kilos of cocaine. The movie seems to have been made as an excuse to show off Peter Zuccarini’s underwater photography (which is very good) and Alba and Scott’s bikini-clad attributes (which are excellent). On dry land, however, the proceedings are earthbound in more ways than one. Shane Hurlbut’s cinematography, unlike Zuccarini’s, is sloppy, washed out and unfocused, matching John Stockwell’s careless direction (Stockwell fails even to define major plot points, leaving us to figure them out later from the dialogue). Caan’s character, a stupid jackass, is a major annoyance.