Rated 2.0

Sharon Maguire’s terrorism soap opera stars Michelle Williams as an East End housewife whose life is destroyed when her son is killed in a mass suicide bombing. As her psyche deteriorates, she clings first to the sleazy journalist she was shagging at the time of the blast, then to a terrorism expert who knows more about the incident then he lets on. Incendiary is just intriguingly disjointed enough to make you wonder if there isn’t a smarter, more thoughtful film about the psychological devastation of terrorism struggling to get out. The romantic in me likes to believe it was crushed by a soulless producer—that should-have-been-a-1991-Billy-Blanks-movie title seems like a dead giveaway of post-production shenanigans. However, I can only review the movies that exist outside of my head (sorry, Superman vs. Predator), and this one is lacking in everything except gratuitous nudity.