In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Rated 1.0

In a peaceful kingdom, a simple farmer (Jason Statham) sees his wife (Claire Forlani) abducted by marauding creatures called “Krug,” who have risen in revolt behind an evil wizard (Ray Liotta). The latest videogame-based movie has a surprisingly strong cast (Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys-Davies, Burt Reynolds, Ron Perlman) and an unsurprisingly silly script (credited to Doug Taylor, Jason Rappaport and Dan Stroncak), bulging with cornball dialogue and gussied up by director Uwe Boll (BloodRayne) with low-rent special effects and washed-out cinematography by Mathias Neumann. It’s like a Florida dinner theater production of The Lord of the Rings, though it’s not without enjoyment if you’re in a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 frame of mind. Matthew Lillard, as a sniveling villain, sets his career back 10 years.