First Sunday

Rated 1.0

When two Baltimore men (Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan) find themselves in desperate need of money, they decide to rob an urban church, but the caper degenerates into a hostage crisis—and besides, someone seems to have beaten them to the church safe. Writer-director David E. Talbert has a fine cast at his disposal (Loretta Devine, Chi McBride, Regina Hall, Keith David, Katt Williams, Malinda Williams, Nicholas Turturro) but he lets them down with a wretched, amateurish script—an implausible premise, tiresome jokes, and an ending gaseous with phony uplift. He lets them down directorially, too, with torpid pacing that drags to a halt. Ice Cube is still a solid, likeable star, but that look of querulous embarrassment that he’s sported in his recent movies shows signs of becoming permanent (with good reason).