Imagine Me & You

Rated 2.0

A woman (Piper Perabo, sporting a serviceable British accent) marries her longtime boyfriend (Matthew Goode) but, at the wedding reception, falls in love at first sight with the woman (Lena Headey) who “did the flowers.” Brokeback Mountain has certainly raised the bar for gay make-out movies, but this one wouldn’t be much good even if Ang Lee’s movie had never been made—or if writer-director Ol Parker’s script had been a hetero romance. Parker’s command of moldy clichés is fluent (one character even says, with a straight face, “Follow your heart”), and his penchant for too-cute contrivance shows a dismayingly tin ear both for what is funny and for what might actually happen in the real world. (A bride who gets all the way to the reception before she meets the florist? Please.) The cast tries.