Rated 2.0

A bank’s computer-security expert (Harrison Ford) is forced to help with a $100 million identity-theft heist when the robber (Paul Bettany) takes the bank employee’s family (wife Virginia Madsen, daughter Carly Schroeder and son Jimmy Bennett) hostage. The characters spend a lot of time hunched over keyboards tap-tap-tapping away, which isn’t all that suspenseful to watch; at the climax, director Richard Loncraine simply gives up and resorts to a fistfight to the death (impressively done, though it’s hard to believe Ford is a match for the much-younger Bettany). Madsen, Schroeder and Bennett are little more than props, while Alan Arkin, Robert Patrick and Robert Forster are largely wasted in phone-it-in roles; the most interesting performance comes out of left field, from Mary Lynn Rajskub as Ford’s secretary.