I'm in Love With a Church Girl

Rated 3.0

A concert producer and former drug dealer (Jeffrey “Ja Rule” Atkins) finds himself in the position described in the title, the church girl in question being played by Adrienne Bailon. It's pretty much what you'd expect of a movie with a title like that—not to mention one that gives screen credit to God as executive producer (as if he needs the résumé enhancement). It's essentially a Sunday-school movie like the recent Grace Unplugged, just as preachy but slightly less awkward about it. Atkins gives a smooth and sincere performance, even in the face of writer Galley Molina's frequently stilted dialogue (Bailon is less adept at navigating the rocky script). Steve Race's direction is efficiently pedestrian, and cinematographer Keith J. Duggan gives an unexpected gloss to the movie's San Jose locations.