Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Rated 4.0

Veteran pro Ed Claudio and four members of his Actor's Workshop of Sacramento assay Eugene O'Neill's monumental family drama—and they do a pretty respectable job getting this classic on its feet. You can feel the Tyrone clan disintegrating. It's all here: alcoholism, morphine and above all, self-deception and proud denial. The production values are strictly “no frills,” but the acting ranges from “worthy yeoman” to “high caliber.” The script has been trimmed a bit (the show still runs three hours). Kudos to Claudio for being the only guy in town to stage this American landmark in recent years. F, Sa 8pm; Su 2pm. Through 6/7. $15-$17. The Actor's Workshop of Sacramento at Three Penny Theatre in the R25 Arts Complex, 1721 25th St.; (916) 583-4880; www.actinsac.com. J.H.