Ignoring Sacramento’s auditor

City council won’t commit to adding whistleblower resources

Getting paid to work out, overpaying for chemicals and sticking potentially unsanitary laryngoscopes into people’s throats. Welcome to the city of Sacramento.

Of the 80 tips that came to the city’s whistleblower hotline over a recent four-month period, these were the three the Office of the City Auditor substantiated, City Auditor Jorge Oseguera told the Sacramento City Council earlier this month.

As a result, the Sacramento Fire Department is considering switching to disposable laryngoscope blades that go into people’s mouths, Oseguera said. His office also confirmed that solid waste drivers commonly knock off hours early, but still collect a full day’s pay, and that the city could probably do a better job of negotiating lower chemical prices.

The tips Oseguera’s office investigated were reported to the city’s whistleblower hotline between June and October of last year. The hotline was established in March 2012.

As usual, Oseguera ended his January 12 presentation by requesting funds to hire a full-time investigator. And, as usual, the council didn’t acknowledge the request.