Ice cream update!

Illustration by Mark Stivers

Given the heat of July, ice cream is a pretty important food in my diet right now. In honor of the refreshing frozen treat, the following are a few scoops of ice-cream-related developments. This first one is old news: Here’s the Scoop! ice-cream shop, a haven for Gunther's Ice Cream, fruit freezes and vegan-friendly soy ice cream closed last year. In its place is Sweets and Sugars (3051 Freeport Boulevard) a Mexican-style desert place serving mangonadas, made with Gunther's mango fruit freeze; flan; ice cream; fruit cocktails; and raspados, Mexican-style shaved ice. Next up, Baker’s Donuts (5880 Florin Road) has unveiled on its Instagram page ( evidence that it's currently experimenting with ice-cream-filled doughnuts. Flavors that have appeared so far include ube (purple yam), pandan and vanilla. Lastly, the Sacramento Walking Sticks ( will host its annual Ice Cream Walk (Vic's Ice Cream to Gunther's) on August 6, and August 7.