How to clean your bong

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Can you get a recipe for a THC suppository? Asking for a friend.

—Ima Frend

Yes I can. But first, I would like to mention that many people find cannabis suppositories to be beneficial. Boofing THC is a good way to get a large dose of THC into the bloodstream without making you uncomfortably high. That’s because the THC is absorbed into the bloodstream directly, instead of being metabolized by the liver. Medicinal cannabis pioneer Rick Simpson developed the use of cannabis suppositories to help patients fighting cancer avoid the side effects of THC mega-doses. You can actually find cannabis suppositories in many dispensaries, but if you are halfway decent in the kitchen, you can make them at home. You can find a good recipe here: -medical-cannabis-guide/how-to-make-cannabis-suppositories-at-home.

Thanks for asking me this question, and I hope that everything works out for your friend in the end.

What’s the fastest, most efficient way to clean your pipes and bongs? My mom is coming over and I want to have everything spotless.

—Anne L. Retentif

Pour some rubbing alcohol into your bong. I love the 90-percent stuff, but the 70-percent also works. Pour in some salt. Some folks like a coarse or a kosher salt. It doesn’t really matter. Seal the holes in your bong. Shake vigorously (The bong, don’t shake yourself.) Your bong should really clean in about two or three minutes. Rinse well and enjoy. I have heard that some people like to heat up their alcohol in the microwave before pouring it into their bong, but I don’t think it will help and also, alcohol vapors are hella flammable, and I am convinced that flammable air and stoners are not a good combination. Tell your mom I said high. Have fun. Be safe.

Why do I get hives when I smoke?

—GreeneKiwi (via Twitter)

I am not a doctor, but you are most likely allergic to weed. Eh. It happens. Some people are allergic to weed because they have been around weed for too long and have developed a sensitivity, and some folks are just born with an allergy. There isn’t much you can do except not smoke weed. You have my sympathy and empathy.

Have you previously covered the medical benefits of CBG?

—Cain Anne B. Noyd

CBG is a tricky cannabinoid, because it is a precursor to THC and CBD. That is to say that when a cannabis plant goes into flower, it starts out by producing CBG. Time and ultraviolet light turn that CBG into THC and CBD. So the more THC and CBD a plant has, the less CBG you can get out of it. You could harvest the plant about two thirds of the way through the flower cycles, I suppose, but why? Because CBG shows great promise in the fights against cancer, glaucoma and a bunch of other stuff. Plus it will give you the munchies. That’s why. Mickey Kush is a good example of a CBG heavy strain, and there are a few breeders working on creating a few more. Thanks for asking.