How now drunk cow?

When was the last time you had an ice-cream float? Maybe you called it a brown cow or a purple cow (with grape soda)? I suggest you try a drunken cow. That would be ice cream floating in beer! What better way to celebrate Sacramento Beer Week than dessert and drinking together?

A recent trip to San Francisco gave me the idea, when I went to Humphry Slocombe Ice Creamwhy do we not have something like that here in hot Sacramento?—where they were celebrating S.F. Beer Week by serving ice creams with flavors like Prohibition White Chocolate, Thirsty Bear Sour Stave Sherbet and Hebrew Rye. The flavors were just as delicious as they were intriguing.

In the absence of gourmet ice cream nearby, make do by dropping a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a glass of Chelsea Moylan’s Porter (infused with chocolate) or, if you can get your hands on some Sierra Nevada Life & Limb (brewed with maple syrup), try it with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream.