Potato on your pizza?

I’ve been eating more pizza lately, as I sample the great new places opening.

When I first starting making pizza in restaurants, we used thin slices of potato with bacon, and customers seemed surprised. Now, though, potato pizzas are more common than anchovies. I recently tried the Casalengo at Hot Italian (1627 16th Street), with Yukon gold slices, crescenza cheese, pancetta and a very aromatic rosemary oil. Delicioso!

OneSpeed (4818 Folsom Boulevard) has done multiple variations. The Rick’s IV now has new potatoes, sopressata, mortadella, leeks, fontina and salsa verde for a bit of a spicy kick.

Masullo (2711 Riverside Avenue) has two potato pizzas, my favorite being the Rosa with potato, red onion, rosemary and the yin to the potato’s yang—blue cheese.

Now Pizza Rock (1020 K Street) has opened with its version: white rose potatoes, chorizo, rosemary, fromage blanc and lavender sea salt.