Rated 1.0

Homefront is everything you would expect from a movie written by but not starring Sylvester Stallone. We get fetishized violence, sociopathic behavior, fascist politics, a sick propensity to put children in jeopardy and some very disturbing issues with women—and that's just from the hero of the piece. Stallone's screenwriting credit is only one of many fascinating career crossroads onscreen in this trash pile, to the point that it becomes difficult deciding whose presence is the most upsetting. Star Jason Statham offers the same Eastwood-on-steroids shtick, all monotonous growl and superhuman invincibility, only this time, hilariously miscast as a grizzled Midwestern Drug Enforcement Administration agent. Meanwhile, former ingenues Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth slum their brains out as one-dimensional junkie sluts. But worst of all has to be James Franco, for some reason subtly underplaying the part of an insidious meth dealer named Morgan “Gator” Bodine.