History is calling

In his remarkable new book, The Healing of America, Washington Post correspondent T.R. Reid traveled the world, studying different health-care systems. No two are the same, he writes, and each has its faults. But all serve everyone, rich and poor alike, and all are much less expensive than the current American system.

For the first time ever, a comprehensive health-care reform is within reach in this country. Last Saturday, Congress jumped a major hurdle and (just barely) passed a bill. Another such bill is set to move to a vote on the Senate floor within weeks.

Many lawmakers find the bills imperfect, though for different reasons. And Republicans almost uniformly oppose the plans simply because they want to see the Obama administration fail.

So be it. For any member of Congress with eyes to see, history is calling. After decades of failed efforts, we are so close. If we miss this opportunity, another may not arise again. The winds of hope and change are as favorable as they can get.