Hire him

This tale of a guy who makes it his life’s work to have affairs with married women sounds like a stereotypical Casanova yarn once you learn that some of his conquests were hitched to wealthy older men. But the key to what really drives lover boy Gary Eisenhower is the “some of” qualifier to his conquests. Fans of P.I. Spenser will expect plenty of twists and streams of sharp banter to propel the investigation when he’s hired to stop Eisenhower’s blackmail of not one but four women who’ve formed a support group. When one of the affected husbands picks up on Spenser’s interest in his wife’s lover, the detective is treated to a visit by two goons. They have a chat, which Spenser’s glad to share with his own lover, psychotherapist Susan Silverman, and with his own favorite goon, his pal Hawk. The inimitable best-selling author once again demonstrates just who’s “professional” and who’s not.