Her Space Holiday

Marc Bianchi, aka Her Space Holiday, received much praise for his Home Is Where You Hang Yourself, a spacey double CD that landed him coveted tours with Cat Power and Arab Strap. Manic Expressive, although still bedroom-generated electropop, shows Bianchi’s scope broadening and a new sense of melody, with a dash of latter-day Thomas Dolby, Stars and Mr. Wright thrown in. Spiritualized’s formula—less is more, drive the melody to the floor—is evident on such songs as “Lydia” and “The Ringing in My Areas,” which lack any overburdening guitar drone. Radiohead fans circa Kid A and Amnesiac now have something to listen to while waiting for that band’s next effort. If you’re into such acts as Arling & Cameron, the Eels or American Analog Set, this should be right up your alley. Manic Expressive is a glorious piece of orchestral pop sweetness without any aftertaste of traditional pop confections.