Hate male

The Davis police are conducting a manhunt of their own for the person who methodically wrote “kill queers” on the cover of every SN&R found in a downtown Davis news rack.

In addition to defacing the covers of last week’s issue—whose “Manhunt” cover story broke the news of a Sacramento police sting that selectively targeted and prosecuted gay men—the vandal also inscribed a handful of graffiti on the rack itself. These epithets promoted Jesus and God, while condemning “fags,” “qeers” and “the cursed Santa Claus.”

Officer Gary Chudomelka told SN&R that the department is “investigating [the act] as a hate crime.” Though the rack since has been returned to SN&R, the issues themselves are being held as evidence. At press time, the department was hopeful that the porous newsprint would yield traceable fingerprints.