SN&R's newly expanded Dish section covers the Sacramento region's food and dining abundance.

It’s long past lunch on a recent workday and I’m equal parts hungry and grumpy. The closest thing to fuel at my fingertips? Nacho cheese Doritos from the office vending machine, or a handful of baby carrots at my desk.

Consider me hangry—“hungry” plus “angry” in case this isn't a word used commonly in your household as it is in mine.

It's an affliction, however, that makes reading SN&R's newly revamped and expanded Dish section all the more mouthwatering.

The section's changes (see page 27) vary in size. For starters, we've ditched the weekly review capsules (don't worry, they'll still live online) in favor of fresher weekly print content.

After all, Sacramento is, arguably, the nation's premier farm-to-fork region. Likewise, the area's explosive restaurant growth proves we're obsessive about new options, trends and tastes. We're big on beer, cocktails and coffee, too.

As such, we've kept the long restaurant review—but redesigned it to give readers more (and better) quick hit information (e.g., the must-try dish).

The V Word and Food Stuff columns also remain. The former, of course, is a take on all things vegan, vegetarian and animal-friendly. The latter covers regional events and trends.

There's plenty of new content, too, including “Off Menu,” a roundup of food and dining news. Also on tap: “Homegrown,” which focuses on the area's cornucopia of fresh, seasonal ingredients, and “Eat Me” and “Drink Me,” weekly plate-of-the-week and drink-of-the-week columns, respectively.

In all, the section is—in my humble, very hungry opinion—the perfect side to every last bacon slab, sushi roll, veggie burger and freshly tapped brew this city has to offer.

Be hangry no more. Read, eat and enjoy.