Guns still good business at the Bee

After a three-week hiatus, gun ads were back in The Sacramento Bee last week. Which makes for interesting reading: You can go from reading about the Gabrielle Giffords shootings in Tucson, Ariz., to viewing anti-gun editorial cartoons to finding Glocks (the same gun allegedly used in the Tucson shootings) for sale in the sports pages.

Not sure what might call for a Glock in this gun-happy day and age; they can reportedly shoot up to 33 rounds a minute. But there they are, as part of our constitutional right to bear arms. Watch out, British Redcoats with muskets, just try to occupy us again.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Police Department reports this month that a rise in gun violence is an increasing concern for the department.

The New York Times reported a few weeks ago that about 80 people die each day from guns in the United States, with handguns a particular culprit. American guns are helping fuel drug violence in Mexico. There, cartels are apparently crossing the border to stock up on munitions. And like us, the cartels sure do like the taste of the gunmetal.

As for the brief truce in the Bee’s sports pages, “Could be with the situation in Arizona that gun manufacturers chose not to advertise,” the Bee’s Pam Dinsmore said.

Compiled from Cull-de-Sac.

Ballers and Bimbos

Say what you will about Power Balance Pavilion, and we could say plenty. At least it is better than the one negotiated by the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. In an unholy union of marketing, the Union are now sponsored by Bimbo Bakeries, with the word “Bimbo” emblazoned across the front of their uniforms.

Almost makes one feel good to have the backing of those lucky charm bracelets.

As the clock ticks on the NBA deadline to announce relocation plans by March 1, the Sacramento Kings last week took on another team plagued by relocation rumors—the New Orleans Hornets. Now the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that former Hornets and Golden State Warriors suitor, Larry Ellison, may be interested in buying the Kings and moving them to Anaheim.

As the Picayune put it, mildy, “Sacramento’s situation is greatly unsettled.”

The unsettled part includes the Maloofs owing $68 million to Sacramento, and facing costs of $50 million in territorial fees to the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers if they move down south. Meaning, the Maloofs may find it easier to sell the team to a high roller.

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