Great Girls Blouse

Save That Song

On its first full-length CD, Minneapolis trio Great Girls Blouse has created a bizarre niche, a cross between pioneer punk goddesses the Slits and a low-rent Rush, the Canadian prog-rock band. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Amy Chorney’s emotional, lusty vocals are paced like a jazz vocalist laced with wailing choruses of desperation, but her biting buzzsaw guitar work resembles Gang of Four and the Wedding Present. Chorney is neither a nerd riot grrrrl nor a trash-rock Barbie, but if you put your finger in her face, she’d bite it off. Save That Song has its share of would-be hits—a breezy, psychedelic “Got a Feeling” and the Def Leppard-catchy “Ana New York.” And Jason Chorney doesn’t overplay his five-string bass; instead, he adds multiple melodies and deep tones akin to Brian Eno’s texturing to offset Amy’s sonic attack.