Operation Shakedown

8 p.m. Friday, April 18; at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street; $10. With Lesdystics, the Brodys and A.D.D.

Sometimes, music based on a reggae beat can lull a listener to sleep with repetitive musical patterns and inane lyrics. Sometimes, the listener’s enjoyment is based more upon how high he or she is than on interesting melodies, intriguing lyrics or well-written, concise songs. Fortunately, none of those problems surfaces on Shakedown’s new CD. These six guys lay down some thumping reggae/dub sounds with a bit of a punky undertone. The bass is nice and thick without being overbearing. The songs groove right along without overstaying their welcome. There’s nothing boring here, just some jamming good tunes. Shakedown steadily has been building up a local following, almost off the local media’s radar screen. The band is doing so well it’s playing the Crest Theatre for its CD-release show, no mean feat. If Shakedown continues to grow in the direction it’s heading, I’d say this Operation is a success.