Grateful and appreciative

SN&R’s writers and editors are thankful …

that tens of thousands of Sacramentans now have health care because of the Affordable Care Act.

that the Kings are fun to watch, again.

for the American River Bike Trail and the park rangers who keep it clean and safe.

that R Street’s Warehouse Artists Lofts will be an affordable (and awesome) home for Midtown and downtown creatives.

that council members Jay Schenirer and Allen Warren are talking about raising the minimum wage.

for the recent rainfall. More, please.

that the McKinley Village and Strong Mayor debates are over.

that you stopped making videos of someone pouring a bucket of ice water on your head.

that even as many music venues struggle or close, there are still some good places to catch great performers.

that the city is modernizing its bike rules and, hopefully, its cycling infrastructure, too.

for TBD Fest, the legit music festival we so badly needed.

for the moved-and-improved Midtown farmers market—and our many farmers markets, for that matter.

that new leaders on the county board of supervisors aim to bring back health care for undocumented Sacramentans.

for all the craft beer and local coffee. So much.

that this town’s vegetarian love continues to grow.

for our pets!

for Sacramento Republic FC’s championship season, its diehard fans and live-streaming the games in your living room when Bonney Field sells out.

for the Sacramento Public Library: the only way we can afford our reading habits.

for zoo babies! Three lion cubs (and a yellow-backed duiker) were born at the Sacramento Zoo this fall.

for the almond joy cakes at Pushkin’s Bakery.

for Chando’s Tacos and Asian Cafe, the two best places to eat near SN&R’s headquarters.

for you, our readers!