Grandma’s tortillas

I guess flour tortillas are a huge pain to make. But whenever we visited my grandma in Los Angeles, I crossed my fingers that she’d be in the kitchen rolling out dough. Let’s just say the odds were against me. If we were lucky, though, the tortillas would be on the griddle turning golden brown and then bubbling up like pillows. Put one on a paper towel and you could feel the inviting warmth and weight of it; the outside was crispy and the inside slightly chewy and soft. When you eat good tortillas, the thin, waxy, store-bought ones taste like crayons. So thank God I found Michaela’s Original Recipe California Fresh tortillas. Made out of Woodland, they’re imperfect in shape and as thick and filling as my grandma’s. They’re great plain, but when a bit of cheddar cheese or butter is introduced, the richness nearly knocks you down. Look for them at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (1900 Alhambra Boulevard).