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<b>Beers Books </b><br>Sacramento’s oldest used bookstore has been buying, selling and trading with other book lovers since 1936. In its airy new location on S Street, the store has stretched out, with more space for new and used books; a cafe with free Wi-Fi; and a big, slinky bookstore kitty.

Beers Books
Sacramento’s oldest used bookstore has been buying, selling and trading with other book lovers since 1936. In its airy new location on S Street, the store has stretched out, with more space for new and used books; a cafe with free Wi-Fi; and a big, slinky bookstore kitty.

Photo By Larry Dalton

Best local optical shop

2231 J Street, (916) 448-2220,

2. Eyes on J
928 J Street, (916) 447-3000,

Best vintage clothing

formerly at 1306 1/2 19th Street; moved to 1115 21st Street

2. Cuffs Urban Apparel
2523 J Street, (916) 443-2881,

Best men’s clothing

Men’s Wearhouse
various locations,

2. Macy’s
various locations,

Best women’s clothing

various locations,

2. Nordstrom
various locations,

Best children’s clothing

various locations,

2. Le Petit Paris
1221 19th Street, (916) 446-3639,

Best grocery store
Safeway at S and 19th streets
1814 19th Street, (916) 492-9967

2. Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
1900 Alhambra Boulevard, (916) 455-2667,

Best bookstore: local

Beers Books
915 S Street, (916) 442-9475

2. Time Tested Books
1114 21st Street, (916) 447-5696

Best bookstore: chain

various locations,

2. Barnes & Noble
various locations,

Best farmers’ market

Sunday farmers’ market under the freeway
Eighth and W streets,

2. Wednesday farmers’ market at Cesar Chavez Plaza
10th and J streets,

Best antique store

Antique Co.
2100 X Street, (916) 457-1099

2. 57th Street Antique Mall
875 57th Street, (916) 451-3110,


Global “prosperity”

One of my favorite places is the SF (Shun Fat) Supermarket in Pacific Plaza at 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard. The selection of fresh seafood is huge. The produce is excellent and very inexpensive. Each visit yields surprises, from the self-serve bins of kim chi to the growing selections of Indian and Malaysian foods. I live in the Southside Park co-housing, which means I sometimes have to cook dinners for large groups on a very tight budget, and the bargains at SF Market make that possible. I’m told that “Shun Fat” does not mean “avoid fat.” It means “prosperity” in Cantonese, and the T is silent, so the correct pronunciation is “soon fa.”

—Sam Delson


Best home furnishings: local

Háus by David Randall
2512 J Street, (916) 448-4100,

2. J Evans Furniture
2321 J Street, (916) 441-3211

Best home furnishings: chain

700 Ikea Court in West Sacramento, (916) 371-4532,

2. Z Gallerie
545 L Street, Suite 1011, in Downtown Plaza; (916) 442-2299;

Best car dealer: new

Niello Auto Group
various locations,

2. Maita Toyota
2500 Auburn Boulevard, (800) 640-6248,

Best car dealer: used

1450 Eureka Road in Roseville, (916) 782-2404,

2. John L. Sullivan Chevrolet
700 Automall Drive in Roseville, (916) 782-1243,

Best record store: local

The Beat!
1700 J Street, (916) 446-4402,

2. UnitedState
1014 24th Street, (916) 444-7230,

Best record store: chain

Tower Records
various locations,

2. Dimple Records
various locations,

Best video-game store

various locations,

2. EB Games
various locations,

Best video rental

various locations,

2. Hollywood Video
various locations,

Best local Web site

2. The Ballroom of Sacramento

Best bank

Wells Fargo
various locations,

2. Washington Mutual
various locations,

Best shoe selection: local

2418 K Street, (916) 443-4200,

2. Sole Shoes & Accessories
2421 1/2 J Street, (916) 442-4710,


The new Olipom

Olivia Coelho’s involvement in the arts community is one of the best things going on in Sac right now. Whether it’s via the Sellout Buyout events, her store or her work through the Crocker, Olivia’s enthusiasm and support for artists in this town makes her such a great asset. I know I speak for a lot of folks when I say that I can’t wait for the new Olipom to open its doors.

—Dani Kando-Kaiser

*Olipom has moved to 1115 21st Street.


Best shoe selection: chain

<b>Nordstrom </b><br>Looks like the classy women clicking through Arden Fair and the Roseville Galleria in strappy heels got together this summer and voted Nordstrom the best chain store for shoes—though we suspect their love for “Nordi’s” might have something to do with the store’s famous shoe sales, which put more of those works of art within grasp.

Photo By Larry Dalton

various locations,

2. Macy’s
various locations,

Best hotel

Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L Street, (916) 443-1234,

2. Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
1230 J Street, (916) 447-1700,

Best bed and breakfast

Amber House Bed & Breakfast
1315 22nd Street, (916) 444-8085,

Inn at Parkside
2116 Sixth Street, (916) 658-1818,

2. Sterling Hotel
1300 H Street, (800) 365-7660,


Sweet old rail yards …

You make me think of a time long past when steam emanated from the arteries of this great city. Hardworking men and women built your engines and maintained your tracks and sent your trains to every corner of our nation carrying our valley’s bounty. You are my grandfather’s and my reason for being, my long-lost spirit. Someday your legacy will rise again, and we will all worship your glory.

—Ian Merker


Best jewelry store

Guzzetta & Co.
805 Howe Avenue, (916) 924-9666; 1850 Douglas Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 783-5890;

2. Fantasia Jewelry Center
1831 P Street, (916) 443-4343

Best pet supplies: local

Western Feed & Pet Supply
various locations

2. Pet Department Store
4747 J Street, (916) 455-5161

Best pet supplies: chain

various locations,

2. Petco
various locations,

Best tattoo shop

The Exotic Body
807 30th Street, (916) 447-OUCH,

2. American Graffiti Tattoo
1219 19th Street, (916) 443-7778; 104 Church Street in Roseville, (916) 772-8282;

Best body art

The Exotic Body
807 30th Street, (916) 447-OUCH,

2. Sub Q Body Piercing
714 K Street, (916) 446-9777

Best hair salon

Lush Salon & Spa
2000 I Street, (916) 447-5874,

2. Mellow Me Out
various locations,

Best hair stylist

Moji at Hair by Moji
(916) 802-4139

2. Arianna Cruz at Mellow Me Out CSUS
600 J Street, (916) 278-4530,

Best spa

<b>Mellow Me Out</b> <br>Mellow Me Out swept many of the spa awards this year, proving that you can turn a foot soak into a tropical vacation with nonalcoholic margaritas and some chips and salsa. Just looking at the menu of services makes us imagine traveling to Thailand for massages and to Europe for facials.

Photo By Larry Dalton

Mellow Me Out
various locations,

2. Veronica’s Day Spa
3330 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 731-5678,

Best tanning salon

California Sun Centers
various locations, (916) 789-1034,

2. Raez Bode’ Craze
5640 J Street, (916) 457-5185,

Best plastic surgeon

No clear winner

Best dentist

Dr. Pamela DiTomasso & Associates
2619 J Street, (916) 443-5677

2. Dr. Scott Snyder
2525 K Street, Suite 301; (916) 443-3572;

Best photography equipment

Pardee’s Cameras
3335 El Camino Avenue, (916) 483-3435,

2. Camera Arts
712 57th Street, (916) 736-3084,

Best electronics selection

Fry’s Electronics
4100 Northgate Boulevard, (916) 286-5800,

2. Best Buy
various locations,

Best home builder

JTS Engineering Consultants
1808 J Street, (916) 441-6708

2. BP Weiand Homes
(530) 308-5008,

Best shopping mall

Arden Fair
1689 Arden Way, (916) 920-1167,

2. Downtown Plaza
547 L Street, (916) 442 4000,

Best boutique

DV8 Boutique
2612 J Street, (916) 444-1388

2. Dara Denim
2404 K Street, (916) 444-1188; 5540 Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay (opening in October), (916) 444-1188;

Best pet groomer

various locations,

2. Launder Dog
2600 Alta Arden, (916) 979-WASH,

Best kennel/doggy day care

<b>Cha Cha’s</b> <br>Doggie Daycare Doggy birthday parties? Daycare complete with field trips to the river? Sleepovers—with pillow fights? Sacramentans have decided that their pooches are as fun-loving as their kids, and Cha Cha’s agrees, giving socialized, immunized dogs a chance to play together through every day their owners are away.

Photo By Larry Dalton

Cha Cha’s Doggie Daycare
910 57th Street, (916) 739-6303,

2. Wag Hotel
1759 Enterprise Boulevard in West Sacramento, (916) 373-0300,

Best maternity shop

3412 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 451-2229,

2. Kismet Maternity
5704 Elvas Avenue, (916) 451-0600,

Best manicure/pedicure

Mellow Me Out
various locations,

2. LA Woman Nail Salon & Boutique
2636 Fair Oaks Boulevard, (916) 489-4244

Best florist

Relles Florist
2400 J Street, (916) 441-1478; 801 Howe Avenue, (916) 920-4911;

2. Twiggs Floral Design Gallery
3250 J Street, (916) 441-2302

Best interior designer

Don Sherwood at Háus by David Randall
2512 J Street, (916) 448-4100,

2. No clear second-place winner

Best masseuse

Lila Reynolds at The Magic of Touch
The Ballroom of Sacramento, 6009 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 737-7929,

2. Roshawnda Simpson at Mellow Me Out on Fulton Avenue
1120 Fulton Avenue, (916) 482-2772,

Best chiropractor

Dr. Lance Casazza at Casazza Chiropractic
2825 J Street, Suite 245; (916) 447-2200;

2. Dr. Darrick Lawson at The Healing Touch Chiropractic
1507 21st Street, Suite 301, (916) 447-3344; 8680 Greenback Lane, Suite 110, in Orangevale, (916) 988-3379;

Best ticket broker

various locations,


Best Realtor

Lyon Realty
various locations, (866) 596-6466,

2. Coldwell Banker
various locations, (800) 797-1771,

Best real-estate agent

Holly Williams
RK Real Estate & Mortgage; 729 Sunrise Avenue, Suite 600, in Roseville; (916) 773-1244;

2. Stephanie Baker
Coldwell Banker; 730 Alhambra Boulevard, Suite 150; (916) 341-7875

2. Olivia Darzell
Lyon Real Estate; 2580 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Suite 20; (916) 806-8190;

2. Brian McMartin
McMartin Realty, 2031 K Street, (916) 447-1600,

Best auto repair

All Foreign Auto Repair
2400 Fulton Avenue, Suite D; (916) 488-9090

2. Honest Engine
various locations,

Best car wash

Harv’s Car Wash
1901 L Street, (916) 446-0129,

2. Scrub Boys Car Wash
1731 Broadway, (916) 446-3700; 5431 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 731-4323

Best cell-phone provider

Cingular Wireless
various locations,

2. Verizon Wireless
various locations,

Best transportation alternative


2. Light rail