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Illustration By Don Button

The Way Within
1722 J Street, Suite 1; (916) 446-4443;

Dearest TWW,

I came to you with my nerves shot from too much work, too little sleep and insufficient stimulation. But once I was inside, everything—from the allergen-free cork floors, bamboo ceilings and Bali furnishings to the thick, luxurious cotton robes—worked soothing magic on my frayed nerves.

I’d had a feeling we were going to hit it off, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d fall for you in such a big way.

Inside the steam room, wet heat began to round out my hard edges and make headway on loosening my muscles. Then I chose Head to Toe Healing, a massage that promised “a concentrated focus on unlocking stiff muscles, congested muscle groups and soothing an overworked mind.” Soft lighting and gentle New Age music combined with aromatherapy (I got to choose from lemongrass (my pick), Thai coconut or spice oil).

And when Rossi’s hands first touched my shoulders … oh my! Such pleasure ensued as she moved from muscle group to muscle group. I even loved the pain when she kneaded the knots that perpetually form under my right shoulder blade from excessive keyboarding and too-heavy purses. Oh, yes, that too was exquisite.

As she moved down my body, my relaxation deepened. Her work on my hamstrings, tight from too much running and too little time on the yoga mat, was unparalleled. “We could do a whole hour on your hamstrings,” she cooed.

By the end of this 90 minutes of bliss, my muscles were loose, and my “overworked mind” had shifted into cruise control. I didn’t want to leave, but I forgave Rossi for calling an end to the session and sending me home. After all, it’s her job.

It was the best $100 I’ve spent in a long old time.

I loved my massage so much that I thought I’d give SN&R’s “Best massage” honors to Rossi and to Rossi alone. But when I mentioned the experience to a dozen SN&R staff members at a recent editorial meeting, not one but two audibly moaned with pleasure at recalling massages they’d had with you. Each had a different masseuse. That’s three for three. So, the prize had to go to your whole staff for overall massage excellence and sheer pleasure.

There’s much more that I need to experience: Thai Yoga Massage, Royal Thai Yoga Treatment and The Way Within Immersion. I yearn to experiment with your array of facials. And, oh, what pleasure my feet anticipate from the “organic feet services.”

So much to experience, so little time …

With devotion,
Nancy Brands Ward

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