Good weed is good weed

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Just read that the indica/sativa distinctions most weed shops make are basically BS marketing stuff based on subjective experience of different varietals. That sound right to you?

—Rue D’Ralis

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Close. As we learn more about terpenes and their different effects, we learn that using terpene profiles is a better way to find the feeling you want to create, but that doesn’t mean that the terms “indica” and “sativa” are made up BS.

Generally, indica plants tend to be shortish and very bushy. They also ripen in about 8 to 10 weeks. Sativa plants tend to be long and tall and they take seemingly forever (10 to 14 weeks) to reach full maturity.

It was thought that indica plants created a sort of body based high—“couchlock” is my fave descriptor for this—and that sativas tended to create a more “heady” buzz. However, we now know that a plant high in myrcene (what makes Kush taste “kushy”) will probably make you a little sleepy, regardless of the strain name or how long it took to grow. And the same thing for a plant high in pinene or limonene; one smells like pine, the other like citrus I’ll let you guess which is which. Pinene rich strains will get you going, which is why sativa strains such as Trainwreck and Jack Herer are very popular with overachievers. But you can also find a decent amount of pinene in Romulan, an old school indica known for pain relief and healing folks sleep, so who knows?

Ultimately, none of this matters. Whether the weed is an indica or a sativa, is full of beta caryophyllene or linalool, just find some weed you like, and enjoy it. That’s it. None of the labels or the math or the categories mean anything. Good weed is good weed.

What do you think about hemp flower prerolls? We have medical in Arkansas, hope to get my card, but we have a great little biz here in Jonesboro that rolls their own high CBD joints. They taste great and keep you nice a chill. Peace bro!

—Woo Pig

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I love ’em! I will admit that I was skeptical at first. Why smoke weed with no THC? Isn’t THC the whole reason for consuming weed?

Turns out, I was wrong. A high CBD doobie is just the thing for aches and pains. I know that TKO out of Oregon is producing some great high CBD strains and selling them in prerolls. And there are a bunch of Cali companies doing the same thing. And high CBD joints are also popular in Switzerland. Go figure.

However, CBD is still technically illegal in the United States. I mean, with all the CBD lotions and unguents and edibles and whatnot clogging the shelves in stores all over America, it’s probably impossible to stop. I feel like a tested (it’s so hard to tell what items really contain CBD, and what is snake oil these days) CBD preroll is a good deal for most people.