Where the grass is greenest

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

What country has the best weed?

—Ann Ternationale

Good question. I can’t speak personally on every country in the world, but I have been to 10 different countries, and I have smoked weed from at least 13. (Last time I was in Berlin, I smoked some Polish weed that was pretty good, and I am including hashish from Morocco and India as “weed” for the purpose of this discussion).

In my opinion, the West Coast of the United States grows the best weed in the world, in terms of flavor, effects and quality. Spain probably has the strongest weed in terms of THC, but a high THC count doesn’t always mean great weed. Holland has a good variety, especially if you like Haze variants. Like for real, there are so many different Haze strains in Amsterdam. I am not sure how people can smoke these strong sativas and sit in a coffee shop all day. But I feel like their weed is a little harsh on the lungs, and I’m not sure their strains are what they say they are. One club had a Casey Jones that I would have sworn was a Blue Dream (it should be a Trainwreck variant), and the Hindu Kush I tried didn’t really taste like kush. So at the risk of being jingoistic, I will shout, “USA! USA!”

I will say that it’s been awesome being in Amsterdam and Barcelona and being able to walk into a spot and buy some weed. And if the packed weed clubs and coffee shops I visited are any indication, weed tourism is definitely a thing. I am in Berlin now, and I’m glad I already have a connection here, because while weed is tolerated (at least in Berlin; the rest of Germany is a little iffy) there are no clubs or shops, and buying weed on the street is always a janky adventure.

Let’s hope the whole world continues to legalize. I look forward to producing the “Global Ganja Cup.” Who wants to help?

What state will be next to legalize?

—N. Tratstate

I really thought it was gonna be New Jersey, but its attempt fell apart last week. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Ohio, New Mexico or maybe New York as the next state to get in the game.

I would also like to say that it is pretty cool that many states looking to legalize are also looking at ways to create equity in the marketplace, so that rich white men don’t get the lion’s share of the business opportunities created by legalization. The folks who have suffered the most in the war on drugs should get first dibs in the new marketplace.

Also, if what is happening to companies such as MedMen is any example (it’s hemorrhaging money and facing an employee lawsuit) maybe capitalist monopolies aren’t the best business model for what has been a very decentralized industry.