Gonzalez support group

Faculty members voted no confidence in President Alexander Gonzalez’s performance by a wide margin. But four days after the votes were counted, the Sacramento Bee ran a full-page ad muddying the waters. “We, the undersigned Sacramento State alumni and members of the Sacramento community, would like to publicly express our support and confidence in President Gonzalez,” read the one-time ad, which cost almost $11,000 and featured a green and gold logo of the Sacramento State Alumni.

“The Board leadership of the Alumni Association authorized its use,” said Gary Davis, executive director of alumni relations, in reference to use of the logo. “They intentionally left off the word Association in order to ensure people know that it is alumni, broadly, that placed the ad.”

A total of 98 individuals and groups, largely local merchants plus current and former area politicians, signed the Bee ad. Signers praised Gonzalez’s efforts in part “to make our region more appealing to business.” Editorially, the Bee hailed Gonzalez’ “fresh leadership” on May 6.