Arnold rides caboose

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Fast track, green train
Time is running out for high-speed rail if the governor and the Legislature really want to fight global warming

Last week, both the governor and California Democrats pledged unwavering support for high-speed-rail train. But there’s a catch: No one wants to step up and lead.

At the state’s Democratic Party Convention on April 29, delegates overwhelmingly voted for a measure in favor of building high-speed rail. But Democrats in the Capitol, including Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, have yet to challenge the governor on fully funding the California High-Speed Rail Authority in this year’s budget.

This past Friday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a letter to the Fresno Bee urging the state to build a high-speed-rail network. And though he has yet to announce his revised budget, he wrote that this year’s plan “proposes additional funding” for the CHSRA. However, instead of greenlighting the train, Schwarzenegger requested that the authority come up with an alternative plan for funding the remaining $30 billion “before asking taxpayers to approve spending nearly $10 billion” with a bond package. So while everyone’s aboard the train, you’ll know where to find the donkeys and elephants: in the caboose.